ALP slams Daniel Andrews’ ‘secret’ China deal

ALP slams Daniel Andrews’ ‘secret’ China deal, by Greg Brown.

Scott Morrison has ramped up his criticism of Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews’ secret infrastructure deal with China and says the state leader should be more focused on law and order.

The Prime Minister rebuked the nation’s second-most populous state for joining Beijing’s global infrastructure program without consulting the federal government as senior Labor MPs expressed alarm at Mr Andrews’ move to sign up to a secret Belt and Road Initiative agreement with China.

Amid growing concerns over the strategic implications of Chinese President Xi Jinping’s signature foreign policy initiative, a number of federal Labor MPs told The Australian they were astonished the Andrews government had decided to break ranks with federal Labor to back the controversial initiative.

“This must be stopped. Everyone knows that Andrews has messed up law and order in Victoria. He can’t now be allowed to mess up national security as well,” a senior Labor MP said.

Another warned it could help Beijing expand its influence in the state and take strategic stakes in key infrastructure projects.

When PC fantasists get into power.