Transgender soldier celebrated as first UK woman on frontline duty ‘seduced comrade’s wife’

Transgender soldier celebrated as first UK woman on frontline duty ‘seduced comrade’s wife’. By RT.

Chloe Allen, officially recognized as the British Army’s first woman allowed on the frontline after transitioning in 2016, has reportedly been accused of breaking up a fellow soldier’s marriage — a serious breach of army ethics.

The Daily Mail, which broke the story, also alleges that the top brass refused to take the usual disciplinary steps against Allen, to avoid embarrassment around the high-profile recruit.

Chloe, 26, who joined the prestigious Scots Guards regiment in 2012 under her birth name Ben Allen, is to be cited in the divorce papers of Sergeant Mark Gray, who says that she used the pretext of needing help in presenting as a woman, to begin an affair with his partner of ten years, Sophie.

According to the Daily Mail, in the aftermath of her announcement Allen began visiting the Gray household, where she would engage in dressing-up sessions with Sophie, who gave her make-up tutorials. Mark grew suspicious that the contact was more than platonic and confronted his wife, but she denied the accusations. However, when he returned from an assignment in the Falklands, his wife had moved all of her possessions and allegedly moved in with Allen.

hat-tip Stephen Neil