Taking the Country Back: Jonathan Crabtree, Australian Conservative Candidate in Western Australia

Taking the Country Back: Jonathan Crabtree, Australian Conservative Candidate in Western Australia. By David Evans.

I recently happened to talk to Jonathan Crabtree, who is running for the Australian Conservatives on the Number 1 spot in Western Australia. This means he has a real chance of becoming an Australian Senator at the next election.

I asked him what his elevator pitch was, and he offered me two:

No matter who forms government at the next election, who do you want to hold the balance of power in the Senate? The Greens or a credible, principled conservative alternative?

At the next federal election, conservative Liberal party voters should take out conservative third party insurance in the Senate, by voting 1 Australian Conservatives.

A couple of short introductions:

With the Liberal Party becoming semi-PC and just a pale imitation of Labor on too many issues (especially under Malcolm Turnbull), huge numbers of conservatives have bailed on the Liberal Party.

One result has been a plethora of small conservative parties. The Australian Conservatives stand out as the biggest and best organized, and they are not based around a single person (unlike the parties of Hanson, Katter, Palmer, and some state based personalities).

Another result is that the Liberal Party is less conservative, freer to move under the sway of the media and Labor to more PC positions.

The federal Australian election is still six months away. According to the polls, it will probably usher in a Labor Government with a sizable majority. With muted criticism from the media, bureaucracy and academia, Labor might be expected to then govern for two or more terms. During that time, the non-PC forces in Australia will hopefully get their act together and organize a whole lot better — it wouldn’t be too hard.