White People Go Back to Europe

White People Go Back to Europe, by Rod Dreher. Recent signs at a a university campus in California:

A friend at UC Davis snapped this photo of posters that presumably students put up. … My friend says that no one was in any hurry to take them down.

What will UC Davis say about this? Will they permit it as free speech but condemn the racism? Take it down and condemn it as hate speech (this is what Leftists recommend doing to what they consider hate speech)? I’d really like to know what UC Davis thinks about this sort of racist and anti-white speech and if it means that they would allow Richard Spencer or another White Nationalist to speak on campus. After all, they can’t play favorites can they?

Were these racist signs targeting people of color, this would be national news. The UC Davis administration would have already abased itself and promised to address the crisis with a firm hand, etc. People see these double standards, and they draw conclusions about academia. These aren’t necessarily the wrong conclusions, either.