The woke go broke

The woke go broke, by Damian Reilly.

Over the weekend … I watched Bill Maher, self appointed voice of the liberal conscience, delivering some hard to hear home truths to the faithful from the pulpit of his primetime chat show.

Citing a recent survey, Maher told his audience: ‘Eighty percent of Americans find political correctness to be a problem, including 75 percent of African Americans, 74 percent of Americans under thirty, 82 percent of Asians, 87 percent of Hispanics and 88 percent of Native Americans.

‘If you’re not a statistician, let me break those numbers down for you: nobody likes you, including the so-called marginalized groups whose feelings you’ve decided need protecting.’

For the non-liberal viewer, Maher’s words were, of course, a statement of the blindingly obvious. But for the millions of people whose liberal sensibilities have become something akin to an ideology — in America and throughout the West — they constitute yet another heavy blow. …

The market doesn’t lie: political correctness is a dead ideology. It’s time to get over it.

Is the PC fantasy world about to blow? Probably not. They are too far gone in delusion. It might have peaked if tomorrow’s US elections deliver it another crushing blow, but the polls say that is unlikely.