Israeli ‘Freedom is basic’ niqab advert criticised

Israeli ‘Freedom is basic’ niqab advert criticised, by the BBC.

An advert for an Israeli clothing company which shows a woman ripping off a niqab and headscarf, has been heavily criticised online.

The ad, for clothing brand Hoodies, opens with a caption reading “Is Iran here?” and shows Israeli supermodel Bar Refaeli wearing a face veil.

Ms Refaeli then removes the niqab and dances before a voiceover states: “Freedom is basic.” …

Criticized by whom, BBC? The usual enemies of the West perhaps?

In Iran, Islamic headwear is now compulsory and much hated by Iranians. Wasn’t compulsory before the mullahs came to power.

Iranian authorities have in the past year detained women who have protested against the country’s compulsory hijab laws and human rights activists who have defended them. In Israel there are no specific rules about what women should wear.

hat-tip Stephen Neil