EU votes for total ban on organizations opposed to mass Muslim migration, thought police to be created

EU votes for total ban on organizations opposed to mass Muslim migration, a (retitled) Press Release from the European Parliament.

First the EU defines “fascism” as “far right” groups who oppose the foreigners who are increasingly appearing in their midst, being careful to include other groups as well as Muslims and Africans:

Parliament is concerned by the increasing normalisation of fascism, racism and xenophobia and calls on EU member states to ban neo-fascist and neo-Nazi groups.

In a resolution passed with 355 votes to 90 and 39 abstentions, MEPs denounce that the lack of serious action against these groups has enabled the current xenophobic surge in Europe. …

MEPs argue that the impunity enjoyed by far-right organisations in some member states is one of the reasons behind the rise in violent actions, affecting society as a whole and targeting particular minorities such as black Europeans/people of African descent, Jews, Muslims, Roma, non-EU nationals, LGBTI people, and persons with disabilities.

Then they propose banning “fascist” groups and their speech:

They propose setting up anti-hate crime units in police forces to ensure these crimes are investigated and prosecuted.

They also urge national authorities to “effectively ban neo-fascist and neo-Nazi groups and any other foundation or association that exalts and glorifies Nazism and fascism”. …

Parliament calls on the member states to “clearly condemn and sanction” hate crime, hate speech and scapegoating by politicians and public officials, as they directly normalise and reinforce hatred and violence.

That last paragraph is or course never applied to Islam, despite it’s clear and unambiguous hate speech against non-Muslims, and the acting out of such instructions by Muslims in Europe on a daily basis.

Robert Spencer:

The problem with this is that the EU labels as “neo-fascist” and “neo-Nazi” all those who oppose their agenda of mass Muslim migration and want to preserve European states as free societies. …

The MEPs are living in a fantasy world. The rise in violent actions against Jews is not because of “right-wing organizations.” It’s because of the Muslims they are bringing into the continent in large numbers, while moving increasingly to stifle and criminalize all dissent from their agenda.

Consider this in light of the European Court of Human Rights’ recent ruling that criticism of Muhammad is not free speech, and can be criminalized. These special police forces will be devoted to silencing all criticism of Islam and mass Muslim migration into Europe.

Alas the West, the world’s greatest civilization to date, is succumbing to self doubt, corrupt and self-interested fools, and barbarians.

The West is increasingly threatened by three totalitarian ideologies — Islam, China, and western cultural Marxists. But our leadership refuses to see them, with a couple of honorable exceptions like Trump. Increasingly though, ordinary westerners who are not under the spell of PC can see them clearly enough.

hat-tip Stephen Neil