A Chinese reaction to the Ross Cameron episode

A Chinese reaction to the Ross Cameron sacking, by Rafe Champion.

Here’s the sentence that Ross was sacked for:

Rafe’s story:

My wife is Chinese … I thought Rowan Dean made my points rather well and Ross Cameron made a lot of sense about China, especially the lifting people out of poverty story and the westernisation of culture on display at Disneyland in Shanghai. …

I called my wife to watch, actually I called her early in the piece so she could hear Ross making her case and she watched right through without comment.

So I said “There you go. He was sacked!”
“Why was he sacked?”
“Because of what he said.”
“What did he say that was wrong?”

So I went back and found the offence and she said.

“He couldn’t be sacked for that, there must be some other reason.”

Why would she be offended? Like most of the other Chinese in Australia and indeed in the world she has black hair, eyes of a different and somewhat distinctive shape and yellow/brown skin. That is just a matter of fact that you can see by looking.

Duh. Sky sacked him because some lefty group complained that Ross had violated one of their speech rules.

Complete lack of cultural confidence, sacking one of your own players on the whim of your political opponents. See our earlier post on the matter here.

Score: Leftists one, conservatives zero, own goal, and sendoff. Another non-PC voice silenced. Sad.