Ross Cameron Sacked From Sky News: When Will the Right Learn?

Ross Cameron Sacked From Sky News: When Will the Right Learn? By Tim Wilms.

Outsiders Host Ross Cameron has been sacked by Sky News due to racially charged language he used on Tuesday evening’s program talking about the Chinese embrace of western culture “If you go to the Disneyland in Shanghai on any typical morning of the week, you’ll see 20,000 black haired, slanty eyed, yellow skinned Chinese desperate to get into Disneyland because they like and enjoy and are embracing many aspects of Western culture”.

Ross Cameron and Rowan Dean on the Outsiders — take a listen.

Outsiders which is hosted by Cameron and Rowan Dean had recently been expanded by Sky News to air Monday to Thursday at 11pm replacing Heads Up with Janine Perrett along with its traditional Sunday morning slot of 9am to rival ABC’s insiders.

Newly installed Sky News CEO Paul Whittaker who had recently moved as Editor of the Australian (both News Corp owned entities) released a statement on social media where he said Cameron’s language had no place in modern society and the offending episode had been deleted from all Sky News media platforms.

So that’s all we heard yesterday in the media. The offending comment is probably true enough, but distasteful because it unnecessarily draws attention to racial differences. But it’s hardly the stuff of sacking. A leftist would never have been sacked for such a faux pas — think of Virginia Trioli with the renowned twirly hand around the ear to indicate what she thought of Barnaby Joyce (which cost her exactly nothing), or the unsavory smearing of scientists who disagree with the carbon dioxide theory of global warming as “deniers”.

Not only do we have selective enforcement of taste standards, but we have the right foolishly doing the left’s dirty work for them — Sky sacked Cameron. When will the right ever learn? Ross Cameron is on the non-PC team. So they shouldn’t shoot him. They have lost an effective voice on the non-PC side of politics (listen to the YouTube above). The left are probably laughing themselves silly — they know they would never do anything that dumb.

But it gets worse, as Andrew Bolt explains:

The media by and large relied on that one out-of-context quote, provided by a small far-Left activist group, Sleeping Giants, which is dedicated to getting Sky News banned or boycotted by advertisers.

Sleeping Giants and the media have presented that (regrettable) quote as evidence of Ross being racist – anti-Chinese.

This is a foul deception. The opposite of the truth.

In fact, hear Ross’s poorly-chosen words in context and you will find he was defending Chinese people, not mocking them. He was actually mocking racist stereotypes in defending the Chinese as people who may look very different but have a great civilisation and are open to the West’s as well. …

Here is what Ross actually said — and, note, I agree that he should not have expressed himself with language that was so likely to give offence, and so likely to be misinterpreted, accidently or (more probably) maliciously.

But anyone who thinks, after reading this context, that Ross was being “racist” is an idiot or a liar: …

Ross Cameron: When we look at a country like China — and I would say the same thing of Russia — we have a choice… The Australian Strategic Policy Institute has just released a paper saying that there are 300 senior Chinese military scholars who have come to Australia to try and penetrate the wall of the 5 Eyes intelligence and trying to hoover up all of our secrets. I would say I find this to be characteristic of the Australian Strategic Policy Institute which comes up with few strategic ideas but does manage to smear China every time it cuts and pastes something out of the CIA Handbook.

I’m just saying to you that the Chinese civilisation is the oldest continuous civilisation in the world. OK, It’s not going anywhere. 1.4 billion people, it’s got about a sixth of the world’s population. All of them are studying English. If you go to Disneyland in Shanghai on any typical morning of the week you will see 20,000 black haired, slanty eyed, yellow skinned Chinese desperate to get into Disneyland because they like and enjoy and are embracing many aspects of Western culture…

We find the Chinese to be Australia’s single most important trading partner. The Chinese provide the greatest number of purchasers of Australian education exports, the greatest number of foreign students. We find a million Chinese coming to Australia each year to visit. One out of four ships leaving an Australian port goes straight to China.

I am a ruthless realist in relation to Australian foreign policy. …like Henry Kissinger I don’t believe in indulging fantasies, or wishing the world was something other than what it is. My view of China’s conduct in the South China Sea, we have to remember that is the access to their ports. The Chinese could run out of fuel if they can’t get access to ships for more than a couple of weeks. You’ve got 1.6 billion people consuming energy, China simply cannot and will not risk inability to access their own sea lanes. I just say the Chinese have very little history of invading others or dropping bombs. The United States, NATO, Atlantic Alliance has dropped bombs in Iraq, in Afghanistan, in Yemen, all over the joint. The Chinese have not dropped bombs on anybody else in recent decades.

Score: Leftists one, conservatives zero, own goal, and sendoff. Another non-PC voice silenced. Sad.

Mark Latham was also sacked from Outsiders, for suggesting a Sydney Boys’ High School student sounded gay. May I suggest a new program for Ross and Mark, something like “Outside Outsiders?”

See Joanne’s take here. Commenter Lionel Griffith:

A very long time ago, I noticed the policy of some was to hold that if a person of a classical liberal persuasion (individual rights, limited government, rule of law, self ownership….) makes ONE mistake, he will never be able to do anything right again forever. His life must be destroyed down to the last morsel of virtue. At the same time, the people of the opposite persuasion can make ONLY mistakes and not be brought to account because “they have good intentions”.

Sadly, this policy has gotten worse and more pervasive. Merely being someone of “the other side” and say something found unacceptable such as speaking clearly so as not to be misunderstood, is sufficient cause to enact total revenge.

Some whataboutism from commenter Hanrahan:

Just a few days ago Killary corrected an interviewer who mistook Holder for Booker and quipped “I know they all look the same”. The “right” press that I have read was, generally, pleasantly surprised that she could say something “funny” unscripted. No one I read went overboard calling her a racist.

More whataboutism from commenter James Murphy:

– Megyn Kelly got fired by NBC for asking what is racist about darkening ones skin in order to ‘dress up’ as someone with darker skin than ones own.

– Roseanne Barr was un-personed for a tweet which was insulting, but not much else.

– Sarah Jeong was hired, and defended by the New York Times, despite being out-and-out racist.

– Sarah Hanson-Young said that “It is not women’s fault that men behave like morons, and like pigs”, on national television, and nothing happens… taken in context, I don’t think this is particularly offensive (no more so than anything else that Hanson-Young says, anyway), but the hypocrisy displayed by her, and her supporters is astounding.

See one Chinese reaction here.