Trump’s Nationalist GOP ‘America First,’ Democrats Prefer Foreigners

Trump’s Nationalist GOP ‘America First,’ Democrats Prefer Foreigners, by John Binder.

The vast majority of likely midterm election voters in the battleground states of Florida, Arizona, and Indiana say the GOP is the political party of American citizens, while Democrats increasingly prefer foreign nationals and immigrants.

In the latest CBS News/YouGov battleground tracker poll, Florida, Indiana, and Arizona likely voters expressed a general disdain for immigration from Central America. …

President Trump’s populist-nationalist “America First” agenda — with protective trade and immigration policies — has become identified with the Republican Party for midterm voters.

In Florida and Arizona, half of likely midterm voters say Democrat politicians put the needs and wants of newly-arrived immigrants and foreign nationals over the interests of American citizens. In Indiana, a majority of 52 percent of likely voters say foreigners are made a priority over U.S. citizens to Democrats. …

In Arizona and Indiana, close to 80 percent of likely voters say Republicans are the party of U.S. citizens and their interests. In Florida, more than 70 percent of likely voters say Republicans put the interests of U.S. citizens ahead of foreigners.

The mid-term results will be interesting. Can the media convince the US population to vote for more immigrants and their own quicker demographic replacement?

Usually betting on the horse called “self-interest” is a sure thing, but it is far from clear that enough people see through the PC fog of fantasies yet.

hat-tip Stephen Neil