Ramsay enemies becoming curiouser and curiouser

Ramsay enemies becoming curiouser and curiouser, by Janet Albrechtsen.

On Monday night I went to my alma mater, the University of Sydney, to listen to a group of academics deliver the case against a course on Western civilisation funded by the Ramsay Centre. …

A young woman of indigenous heritage kicked off the evening by telling us we were meeting on stolen land, the sandstone blocks bound together with mortar made from the remains of indigenous bodies, surrounded by a university that had made money from indigenous artefacts. The scene was set: white people are bad. This was an evening of self-flagellation that I did not think possible outside some religious cult or a dungeon for S&M. …

John Frow, a professor of English literature, mentioned Pauline Hanson’s motion deploring the rise of anti-white racism and attacks on Western civilisation. “That motion makes it clear that the notion of Western civilisation has become code for a racially imagined culture under attack from racially imagined others.” …

The Ramsay proposal is “part of the worldwide rise of aggressive racial and cultural supremacism” [said Cambridge, academic Priyamvada Gopal]. …

Shima Shahbazi, another PhD candidate, started by criticising Western aggression in Afghanistan, Iraq and Iran. Then she claimed that “the idea of opening up a centre for Western civilisation or the Western tradition, or whatever, involves violence on so many levels”.

“The Ramsay Centre for Western Civilisation is structurally, institutionally, morally and epist­emically violent to other know­ledges,” she said. …

Student Representative Council president Imogen Grant objected because “elite private schools will be funnelling rich, white private school students into a degree that will reignite the idea of empire”. …

Two hours of emotive claims from “gobsmacked” academics delivering a concentrated dose of everything that is wrong with identity politics. White: bad. Western: evil. No learning, no debate, but lots of unshakeable victimhood with words and ideas treated as a form of violence. The only censorship is their attempt to rip academic choice from students. …

And just when I thought I had safely escaped one crazy rabbit hole, I flicked on the TV and ABC’s Q&A flung me back down into another, this time with talk of Shakespeare’s whitesplaining. Mercifully, a small red button on the remote control saved me from more people turning up their nose at Western culture.

Antisemitism and now anti-white racism are being nurtured in taxpayer funded organizations. These are the very people trying to tell us that race is merely a social construct and that Islam is the religion of peace. Consistency and facts are not their strong points, but they are brilliant at wordsmithing and self-deception.

hat-tip Stephen Neil

A Black Book on Jihad

A Black Book on Jihad, by Matthew Hanley.

Anyone genuinely curious about the history of the 20th century has probably heard about the Black Book of Communism, an exhaustive account of the damage Marxist ideology inflicted around the globe. Its authors estimated that Communism claimed the lives of about 100 million people.  That sobering, round figure tends to stick in the mind, even if some seek to explain it away.

Robert Spencer’s new book The History of Jihad: From Muhammad to ISIS along with Raymond Ibrahim’s Sword and Scimitar — gives us something akin to the Black Book of Communism. It’s a powerful account of the domineering brutality that Jihad has inflicted near and far, from its bloody 7th century origins to the present day. As Spencer makes abundantly clear to anyone willing to take seriously the facts he summons up, “Islamic piety always underlay the jihad.”  For this reason, he is only too likely to be belittled or scorned.

There is no firm number of total deaths by way of jihad over the centuries. Might it exceed the 100 million mark? It likely approaches that figure in India alone; the Pulitzer Prize-winning historian Will Durant argued in 1935 that the “Mohammedan conquest of India is probably the bloodiest story in history.” This is hardly on anyone’s radar, and Spencer fills a major gap in our understanding by detailing what occurred in the subcontinent in all its vivid, revolting detail. …

In the first (8th century) foray, the instructions were as clear as day: kill all the combatants, arrest and imprison their children, and grant protection only to those who submit. Massacres ensued in rapid succession, but killing so many can get exhausting. When the general on the ground, faced with the practical difficulty of mass extermination, started encouraging surrender and granting protection without conversion, his superior back in Iraq was incensed – and sent word: “God said: ‘Give no quarter to infidels but cut their throats. Then you shall know that this is the command of the great God.’”

Our ruling class insist that Islam is the religion of peace. Are they stupid or dishonest, or both? Imagine if they read this book, instead of just listening to their own echo chamber of PC fantasies.

hat-tip Stephen Neil

Australia: Muslim cabbie beats atheist with crowbar, leaves him for dead after “harmless discussion about religion”

Australia: Muslim cabbie beats atheist with crowbar, leaves him for dead after “harmless discussion about religion”, by Jack Longstaff.

A Scots backpacker has told how he was “left for dead” in the street after he was brutally attacked by a taxi driver with a crowbar. …

He claims the attack happened after he got out of the car in Melbourne following what he thought was a harmless discussion about religion.

Describing the incident, Euan said: “As I got out of the taxi I just heard footsteps behind me and heard a loud bang. Then I felt this immense pain in my head and I was knocked clean out. I was laid into when I was on the floor. I was left laying there in a pool of blood. He left me for dead.

“I woke up with blood in my eyes and my clothes were soaked. I stumbled into the kitchen and it looked like a murder scene. I had never seen so much blood. My whole body was in agony. I was so scared. I needed 12 stitches on my face and I had a few broken ribs, a dislocated shoulder and a bleed on the brain. It has totally changed my life forever.” …

He recalls how he and the taxi driver spoke “at length” about the driver’s Muslim background and he became visibly annoyed when Euan said he was an atheist.

Euan, who was working on a farm at the time, argued that religion had “played a part in causing deaths and wars” throughout history.

Architecture student Euan said: “He didn’t like it at all when I started expressing my views. He started to preach his religion on me.

“I argued that science was responsible for evolution rather than religion, which he didn’t like either.

“I tried to change the conversation but he kept going on about it. I could see he was getting wound up.”

He got out of the car expecting the cabbie to drive off when he was smashed over the head and “beaten to a pulp”.

Inter-faith dialogue.

via Jihad Watch.