The Politically Incorrect Guide to Immigration

The Politically Incorrect Guide to Immigration, by John Zmirak.

  • Building “The Wall” would cost less than half of what we spend to educate illegal immigrants every year …
  • 62% of naturalized immigrants are for the Democrats; only 25% are for the Republicans …
  • The Founders wanted to admit only immigrants who would make a net contribution—and assimilate
  • Millions of nineteenth-century immigrants who couldn’t make it in America went back home
  • The percent of foreign-born in the United States today is the highest since World War I—and this time we’re not doing “Americanization”
  • After Reagan’s 1986 Amnesty the illegal population went from 3.2 million to 11 million
  • Eighty percent of Central American women and girls who enter the United States illegally are raped along the way
  • Non-citizens are only 9 percent of our population but 27 percent of federal prisoners

hat-tip Charles in Melbourne