New Brazil President to close “Palestinian” embassy: “You do not negotiate with terrorists”

New Brazil President to close “Palestinian” embassy: “You do not negotiate with terrorists”. By Marcus Gilban.

He has declared he will move the Brazilian embassy to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv. His first international trip as president, he said, will be to Israel, with which he will seek to broaden the dialogue. And he promised to close the Palestinian embassy in Brasilia.

“Is Palestine a country? Palestine is not a country, so there should be no embassy here,” Bolsonaro said weeks ago. “You do not negotiate with terrorists.” …

On Sept. 6, Bolsonaro was stabbed and seriously injured during a street rally while campaigning. After receiving local emergency treatment, Bolsonaro chose to be transferred to a Jewish hospital in Sao Paulo to recover from life-threatening injuries. The fact that the politician declined treatment offered by the Syrian-Lebanese, another elite hospital commonly chosen by senior politicians, led to conspiracy theories in social media.

Brazil is so wonderfully diverse, with much less whiteness than the USA. How is it not a utopia of love, harmony, and good socialism?

hat-tip Stephen Neil, Tim