Gab and Christian News Site ‘LifeSite’ Blacklisted by Web Host

Gab and Christian News Site ‘LifeSite’ Blacklisted by Web Host, by Charlie Nash.

LifeSite, a Christian pro-life news outlet, was allegedly blacklisted by its web host and given just 12 hours to find another host for the website, or risk being offline.

“LifeSite just received an email at 8:30 p.m. EST from our web-hosting company alerting us that they will be taking our website down within 12 hours, if not sooner,” claimed LifeSite in a statement, Saturday. “We received absolutely no forewarning whatsoever about this decision.” …

LifeSite was not the only website blacklisted by its web host this week, with free speech social network Gab losing its web host Joyent late on Saturday and being given until just Monday morning to migrate to another host.

Sharing the web is going to be impossible if PC companies keep behaving like this. goes offline after Pittsburgh synagogue shooting, by Trevor Hunnicutt., the website where the suspected Pittsburgh synagogue gunman posted anti-Semitic views, said on Sunday it was offline for a period of time after being asked by its domain provider to move to another registrar.

The move comes after GoDaddy Inc asked Gab to change the domain, while PayPal Holdings Inc, Stripe Inc and Joynet Inc blocked the website….

Founded in 2016 by conservative Andrew Torba, Gab bills itself as the “free speech” alternative to Twitter Inc and Facebook Inc and has become a popular place to post content unwelcome or prohibited on other platforms….

Notable users include right-wing provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos and Andrew Anglin, the founder of the neo-Nazi Daily Stormer website, as well as media personalities Alex Jones and Carl Benjamin.


This demonstrates that there’s no way to avoid the censors. Even if you create a new website, the web is controlled by a small oligopoly that can shut it down. …

As things stand, it’s clear that a SWPL-SJW-elite now controls the internet. Only a tiny percentage of people are willing to go onto the “dark web” in order to read and participate in forbidden sites.

The internet, for a brief time, enabled a golden age of free speech in which anyone could get a message out, no matter how unpopular that message was with the elites. But that time is coming to an end.

Commenter chris:

So weeks before the mid terms the tech oligopoly has shut down both Alex Jones and Gab. How the hell is this not interference in the elections?

hat-tip Stephen Neil