Prince MbS: A Good Mohammedan

Prince MbS: A Good Mohammedan, by Srdja Trifkovic.

It is the duty of every Muslim to emulate the example of his prophet as recorded in the Hadith. By ordering the murder of Jamal Khashoggi, Prince Mohammad bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud has only acted in accordance with that orthodox, 14-century-old principle. It would have been eminently un-Islamic, in fact, for “MbS” to allow an outspoken critic of a divinely ordained polity to go on living. …

Over 30 individuals, known to us by name thanks to the impeccably Islamic sources, were murdered on Muhammad’s specific orders between January 624 and his death in 632. Of course this does not include hundreds of Jews and other “infidels” killed for not obeying him. …

It is evident that Muhammad’s actions and words, as immortalized in the Kuran and recorded in the Hadith, are shocking by the standards of our time. They are also punishable by its laws that range from war crimes and murder to rape and child molestation.

There are contemporary Western authors, however, who argue that we must not extend the judgmental yardstick of our own culture to the members of other cultures who have lived in other eras. In response, it should be pointed out that the “culture”of Muhammad is timeless and eternally valid for all true Muslims.

Muhammad’s practice and encouragement of bloodshed are unique in the history of religions. Murder, pillage, rape, and more murder are ubiquitous in the Kuran and in the Traditions. They have impressed his followers with a profound belief in the value of bloodshed, and prompted countless Muslim princes through history to refer to Muhammad’s example to justify their own murders and destruction. MbS is only acting accordingly, in Yemen and Istanbul alike.

Islam stands or falls with the person of Muhammad — a deeply flawed man by the standards of his own society, and even by the new law of which he claimed to be the divinely appointed medium and custodian. The problem of Islam, and the problem of the rest of the world with Islam, is not the remarkable career of Muhammad per se, undoubtedly a great man in terms of his impact on human history. It is the religion’s claim that the words and acts of its prophet provide the universally valid standard of morality as such, for all time and all men.

Prince Mohammad bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud is no exception to this rule. He is a sadistic despot, a murderer, and a depraved savage by every civilized standard of law and morality; but that deucedly does not make him a bad Muslim.

Sad but true.

hat-tip Stephen Neil