Latinos are waking up to the duplicity of the Democrats

Latinos are waking up to the duplicity of the Democrats, by Ruben Navarrette.

As a Never Trumper, I didn’t get it. So, I interviewed some Latinos for Trump and I got an earful. Many of them saw themselves not as Latinos but as Americans, and so they weren’t hung up on Trump’s anti-Latino screeds. They didn’t like or trust Clinton, appreciated Trump’s frankness, wanted a strong leader, and thought he was right about a lot of issues, including trade and immigration.

Yes, immigration. What most non-Latinos don’t grasp is that Latinos are ambivalent about illegal immigration. They have a front-row seat not just to the pain of deportations, but also to how many immigrants commit crimes or abuse social services.

In 2016, an astounding 29 percent of Latinos voted for Trump.

And now, two years into his presidency, polls show that his support among Latinos is somewhere between 33 and 41 percent. That’s insanely good for a president who is so bad on issues that Latinos supposedly care about.

Then you have the Democrats, who take Latino voters for granted and whose entire Latino outreach strategy can be summed up in six words: “Vote for us. We’re not Republican.”

The new left’s electoral strategy of winning over every “minority” group is not going to work if their policies drive away large portions of some groups — e.g. women who appreciate and protect their men, latinos who recognize that illegal immigration drives down wages at the low end, blacks who notice that black poverty and marriage rate has only gotten worse since the 1960s due to left welfare policies, or gays who are afraid of Islam. Identity politics is inherently racist, sexist, etc, and full of contradictions. It is not sustainable.