Everything You Think You Know About an Active Shooter Situation Is Wrong

Everything You Think You Know About an Active Shooter Situation Is Wrong. By Jeff Sanders.

What if everyone just scattered at the first shot? Do you know how incredibly difficult it is to shoot a moving target? I don’t want predictability. I want chaos and movement. It’s pretty hard to hit numerous targets all chaotically scattering at once. …

Keep moving and you will increase your chances of survival. And if you run away, you will become a smaller target. The worst thing to do is stand still.

Yet that is what happened at Columbine and Sandy Hook. At Columbine High School the students were instructed to hide under desks. That is what they did in the library. They were told to stay there and wait “until help arrives.” We listened to the 911 call from the teacher in the library who told the students to stay still. They waited… four minutes and ten seconds until the two shooters showed up and killed ten students.

At one point in the 911 call, a student says, “can’t we just leave?” There was a door, right there in the library, that led to the outside. They could have all escaped. …

When someone is in a heightened state of anxiety or stress and is focusing on the one thing in front of him, he gets tunnel vision and cannot focus on anything else (like six kids running past him). Watch this video and follow the instructions carefully.

Did you follow the instructions? Did you notice anything else? I DIDN’T when I saw this for the first time! I was completely stunned when I later realized what I missed!! So… remember to do something, anything, to throw off the attacker’s plans. If dozens of people are running away in dozens of directions at the same time, he cannot focus on all of you.