Caravan Migrants Conveniently Coming to ‘Biggest Welfare State in the World’

Caravan Migrants Conveniently Coming to ‘Biggest Welfare State in the World’, by John Binder.

Ann Coulter says a caravan of at least 7,000 Central American migrants are headed to the United States for welfare, not to seek asylum. …

“None of these are asylum cases or they’d stop in the first country they get to. The idea of asylum is something like there’s a holocaust, there’s a potato famine. No this is how these people always live which is why all of different countries want to come to the … biggest welfare state in the world, that is the United States.

Dumping poor people on America is not making us better. They are far more likely to be receiving welfare. And that’s just your average illegal immigrant and immigrant.” …

As Breitbart News has chronicled, the caravan migrants have repeatedly admitted that their goal is to enter the U.S. to get a job and escape crime in their native countries in Central America. Neither of these are eligible cases for asylum.

Compassion versus survival of the West.

hat-tip Stephen Neil