Anglican rector Father Rod Bower to chase Senate seat

Anglican rector Father Rod Bower to chase Senate seat, by AAP.

Outspoken Anglican rector Rod Bower is the latest high-profile independent set to have a tilt at federal politics.

The Gosford minister, best known for his politically-charged signs outside his NSW Central Coast church, intends to run for a Senate seat at the next election. Fr Bower, a pro-refugee activist, said he hoped to give a voice to the marginalised in Canberra.

The sign that started it all:

Other signs:

In the past few months alone, they have made ironic comparisons to the fact there’s more concern over the loss of the NSW greyhound industry than there seems to be for refugees (“If only refugees were greyhounds”). The billboard has also tackled the hot-button issues of marriage equality (“For God’s sake, just do it”); Sonia Kruger for calling to ban Muslims from Australia (“No, Sonia Kruger. Just no”), and pilloried the plebiscite on gay marriage (“Equality shouldn’t cost $160 million”).

Amid messages to Pauline Hanson (“One confused nation. Pauline, you don’t have to be part of the problem” and “Pauline, how about lunch?”) came a nod to the Pokemon Go app phenomenon (“We have Pokeballs”).

His signs get him plenty of love from the PC people on social media, but how big is Father Rod’s congregation? Anglican churches that selectively ditch biblical teachings and instead preach politically correct nostrums have been losing parishioners at a great rate, and now generally have small and elderly congregations. But Anglican churches that teach what is in the bible are growing, young, and large. This leads to a lot of tension within the Anglican Church.

So, he wants to be a politician after all.