The Divisiveness in America today: How much is Harry Reid to blame?

The Divisiveness in America today: How much is Harry Reid to blame? By John Ray.

In 2013 the Democrat leader of the Senate, Harry Reid, pushed through a vote to abolish the filibuster in order to get some of Obama’s appeal court nominees through — over the top of Republican opposition. Obama nominated extremist judges who had no respect for the law and thus made bipartisanship impossible. …

When Mitch McConnell was pushing Trump’s SCOTUS nominees through, the Democrats used the filibuster to block Judge Gorsuch. So McConnell used his majority to abolish the last of the filibuster and got Gorsuch through. And after Gorsuch there came the dreadfully abused Kavanaugh — also pushed through in the absence of the filibuster despite a quite incredible cacophany of abuse from the Donks.

Without Harry Reid’s attack on the filibuster rule, the Donks could easily have blocked both judges — and conservatives have been cackling about that ever since. …There have been many “Thank you”s to Harry after Gorsuch and Kavanaugh got through confirmation.

But the point is that both new judges are very conservative and their very membership of the court has snatched way from the Donks their alternative legislature. Up until recently, they could get lots through the courts that they could not get through Congress.

They got through such huge agenda items as homosexual marriage, universal abortion, the barring of Christian observance in the schools and “affirmative action”. All those were legalized through SCOTUS only. The people did not get a vote on any of it. That is now gone and it went through their own Donk folly. No wonder they are half crazed. A large part of their world has fallen apart. And it is all because of Harry Reid.