No Such Thing as a ‘MAGA Bomber’ Or His Trusty ‘TrumpMobile’

No Such Thing as a ‘MAGA Bomber’ Or His Trusty ‘TrumpMobile’. By Judi McLeod.

From the get-go Cesar Alteiri Sayoc, suspected source of the faux bombs mostly not delivered to Democrat brass but intercepted by authorities, was served up to the masses by mainstream and social media as the “MAGA bomber”, his van even featured on the Drudge Report, as the “TrumpMobile”. …

Problems are emerging in the media narrative:

A van with its vision so obscured is illegal and would have been pulled over

There are few ways to travel more conspicuously in heavily Democrat Broward County, Florida than by dressing your vehicle like the flagship U.S.S. Donald Trump of the Donald Trump fan club. In fact, one could think of few more effective ways to have a vehicle vandalized, keyed, boosted, burned or bashed than by covering the windows in a technicolor Trumpalooza collage …

Also likely to remain unanswered is the trajectory of how slippery suspect Sayoc switched over from being a registered Democrat to a registered Republican: …

“While the mainstream media quickly labels Cesar Sayoc as a bona fide, Trump-loving, conservative Republican, social media and internet investigation shows the alleged, “MAGA Bomber” listed as a registered Democrat since 1980, (only changing to Republican in 2016,) and reveals multiple social media posts hating Republicans and the GOP, bashing George W. Bush and Dick Cheney, posting photos of Bush and Cheney as “war criminals,” and praising Code Pink, “liberal women,” as “the beautiful women of the world.”

Hmmm, this smells wrong. Cesar Sayoc is increasingly looking like a patsy for a clever dirty tricks campaign intended to boost the left’s vote. Far from a sure thing, but keep it in mind as a possibility.

The media are painting Sayoc as a “white guy” but:

A Mug shot of Sayoc from 2006 (Left), versus an image used throughout Mainstream Media (right)

Identity politics and a biased media have brought us to a strange place.

hat-tip Scott of the Pacific