Columbus Brought Peace to the Violent Americas

Columbus Brought Peace to the Violent Americas, by Al Fin.

Before Europeans arrived in the Americas, tribal warfare and human torture/sacrifice was widespread.

The high rates of homicide in Latin American nations can seem shocking to observers, until they consider that before Columbus opened the door to Europeans, the Americas were even more murderous and violent.

On a per capita basis the pre-Columbian Americas displayed a greater level of violence than did the bloody 20th century with its European and Asian world wars, genocides, and communist purges. …

Empire building developed over thousands of years in Mesoamerica and in Andean South America. More Empire building involved multiple long series of inter-tribal warfare, often for centuries. Empires continually raided surrounding tribes for human sacrifices to their gods. …

The Aztecs were a particularly nasty lot, practicing human sacrifice on a huge scale, homosexuality, pedophilia, and transgenderism.

The Spanish were welcomed by many tribes of Central and South America, because they were seen as potential allies against the hated Aztecs and Incas. Without the aid of these non-imperial tribes, Cortes and Pizarro would not have had the ability to roll up the defending war formations so readily. …

[Today] violent crime rates are quite high in Latin American nations where mestizos and natives predominate, resembling — and sometimes surpassing — the rates of violence one sees in sub Saharan African nations.

Likewise India, which the Europeans “conquered” with tiny numbers of men simply because most Indians were keen to rise up and overthrow their hated Muslim overlords. One reads of battles where the “British” army consisted of 2,000 men from the British Isles and 48,000 Hindus or Sikhs from the Indian subcontinent.