It’s alt-right to be white

It’s alt-right to be white, by Helen Verlander.

Diversity is how we rationalise a new form of racism that white-washes envy and mediocrity in the interests of an anti-meritocratic, unegalitarian society. Whereas once we built democratic governments on the back of equality of opportunity, now we seek equality of outcome; by short-changing strivers and achievers. …

Inclusiveness has morphed into exclusiveness. The ‘diversity pick’ which used to be known as positive discrimination makes it okay to privilege non-whites over whites. In the UK, police turned a blind eye to predominantly Pakistani gangs raping and trafficking thousands of white under-age working class girls over a couple of decades across the country because they did not want to be accused of racism. Indeed, in the UK the obsession with race has gone so far that the UK broadcasting regulator recently found that non-whites are now represented on British television screens way beyond their numbers in the population.

History has been re-written so that white is not right and the calendar must be clotted with apologies by whites of one sort or another so as to deflect all the achievements that have made us a beacon of peace and prosperity for peoples from countries that are intolerant and brutal.

Not being white is a good career move. This may explain why there are now 40,000 more Australians claiming to be indigenous than in the previous census. Conversely, being white is not. The young white male university students who questioned why they were not allowed to use an unmarked computer room QUT had allocated to indigenous students, found themselves pursued by the draconian Human Rights Commission.

Diversity is the enemy of merit. Where interviewers have been asked to choose job candidates blind without knowledge of names or backgrounds, minorities do not do so well.