Insulting Islam Now Illegal in Europe

Insulting Islam Now Illegal in Europe, by Jim Treacher.

Claire Corkery, The National (UAE):

An Austrian woman who was convicted for insulting the Prophet Mohammed did not have her right to freedom of speech violated, [The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR)] has ruled. …

The woman, who has been named only as ES, held seminars in 2009 for Austria’s far right Freedom Party in which she made defamatory remarks relating to the Prophet Mohammed’s marriage to Aisha, which is usually misrepresented as being to an underage girl.

In other words: In 2018 Europe, you can’t say that Mohammed was a pedophile or the law will come after you. Punishing you for insulting a man who’s been dead for 1,400 years isn’t a violation of your human rights, because you’ve offended a protected class. You’ve pissed off the wrong people, and now you’ll pay.

Think about this phrase: “The right of others to have their religious feelings protected.” Isn’t that wonderful?

The biggest con is that Islam is a religion, and is therefore protected from criticism. It’s really a totalitarian political ideology, with a religion integrated into it. As such, it isn’t an equivalent of Christianity, Judaism, etc. If only communism had declared themselves a religion — then it too would be above criticism.

Remember #JeSuisCharlie? Remember how people expected a stupid hashtag to do any good against monsters who were willing to commit a massacre against some cartoonists who pissed them off? Remember how they all patted themselves on the back? Remember how hollow and infantile it was?

Europe does not stand with Charlie Hebdo and never did. It was a pathetic lie and they all know it. #LEuropeNestPasCharlie.