Australian Right’s Representatives in Parliament Outwitted Yet Again by the Left

Australian Right’s Representatives in Parliament Outwitted Yet Again by the Left, by Mark Latham.

I’ve found a solution to the world’s problems. We need to get David Duke to say the following words: ‘Political correctness, identity politics, cultural Marxism, climate change hysteria and the Paris Agreement are all very good things governments need to implement.’ By the standards set in the Senate last week, the Left would never again be able to support these policies. They would have to disown them as a product of White Supremacy.

How does my ingenious scheme work? Let’s start with the role of David Duke, America’s best-known neo-Nazi. He holds his meetings in a telephone box but that doesn’t deter the Left from pumping up his importance. To impose language control on the rest of society, they need a convenient whipping boy, someone whose words can never be repeated in polite company (even if you didn’t realise he ever said those words). The Duke Dictionary is the ultimate PC weapon for the Left. It allows them to veto any statement by people they don’t like, as long as Duke once said the same thing.

Pauline Hanson ran into this problem in parliament recently, when she moved a seemingly innocuous motion condemning anti-white racism and attacks on Western civilisation. She also declared ‘It’s okay to be white’. Initially, the Liberal party voted with Hanson, while white-hating Labor and Green Senators opposed the motion.

The next morning Liberal MPs woke up to hear the government being denounced on the ABC and in the Fairfax press for supporting a ‘neo-Nazi motion’. Apparently Duke once used the ‘It’s okay to be white’ slogan, as did some equally obscure far-right websites in the United States such as 4chan. That was enough for the Morrison government, with a heart the size of a caraway seed, to panic and reverse its position.

It was a classic exercise in political correctness, with the Left controlling the language and views of its opponents through a phony guilt-by-association scare.