The political class’s silence on Muslim grooming gangs is shameful

The political class’s silence on Muslim grooming gangs is shameful, by Brendan O’Neill.

Britain is a country where a politician putting his hand on a middle-class woman’s knee causes more outrage than the sexual abuse of scores of working-class girls by men from Pakistani backgrounds.

This is the conclusion we must draw from the #MeToo scandals of the past year. Or rather from the striking disparity between what becomes a #MeToo scandal and what doesn’t. A posh journalist having her knee brushed by a politician causes media meltdown, Twitterstorms about ‘the patriarchy’, and soul-searching in parliament about men’s wicked behaviour, while the exploitation and rape of working-class girls in towns like Huddersfield provokes little more than an awkward tut of disapproval. …

PC culture enabled the Rotherham rapes and the sexual assaults by Muslim men on non-Muslim girls as young as 11, in many parts of England. Between 100,000 and a million English girls were assaulted over a decade or more. Naturally people went to the police, but the police and bureaucracy didn’t want to appear “racist” and waved off the complaints. A political party (the BNP) was formed on the issue, but was dismissed as racist. Still surprised by Brexit?

Indeed, there has been more controversy over the home secretary’s response to the Huddersfield crimes than there was over the crimes themselves. Following the verdict, Sajid Javid tweeted, ‘These sick Asian paedophiles are finally facing justice’. Cue media meltdown. How dare he mention the men’s ethnic background? …

Discussion about Muslim grooming gangs is constantly being shushed, made suspect, demonised. Consider the fate of Labour MP Sarah Champion. She was elbowed out of her role as an equalities shadow minister in Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party last year after she committed the speechcrime of writing a piece for the Sun on the problem of Pakistani grooming gangs in Rotherham, where she is MP. …

Again, people are angrier at an MP for speaking about the phenomenon of Pakistani men abusing white working-class girls than they are about the actual phenomenon.

Need a new ruling class, pronto. The current one is too self-obsessed and corrupt, and doing an awful job of protecting their people.

A society that cannot protect its young women will soon cease to exist. Do we need to explain biology and psychology to them?