Bomb scare update

Bomb scare update, by Lion of the Blogosphere in NY.

The New York Times admits that the bombs were

  1. purposely designed to look like bombs (bomb experts agree that you don’t put an obvious digital timer on something that you don’t want to be found, making the bomb look like the fake bombs they use in movies rather than real bombs), and
  2. it hasn’t been proven yet that the bombs actually worked and would have gone off.

So it seems like the goal of the person who sent the bombs was to get a lot of publicity rather than to actually kill anyone. …

People should knock off the conspiracy theories that the media or big-name Democrats are coordinated with Antifa. I’m sure it will turn out to be a lone-wolf type of effort. It’s not that difficult to make eight non-exploding bombs, put them into bubble-mailers, and take them to a mailbox.

Commenter Richard:

Now Robert DeNiro got one. There’s no motive for this except publicity. These aren’t real bombs, and the targets seem like a left-winger’s idea of who a right-winger would feel most injured by than the people they’re actually against. Robert DeNiro and John Brennan only take up space in the liberal imagination.