UK Readies Apocalyptic Flotilla Of Emergency Supplies In Case Of “No-Deal” Brexit

UK Readies Apocalyptic Flotilla Of Emergency Supplies In Case Of “No-Deal” Brexit, by Tyler Durden.

UK authorities are drawing up plans to charter a flotilla of supply ships to ferry in emergency food and medicines in the event of a “no-deal” Brexit next March, according to FT, which reports that the move was “greeted with disbelief at a stormy meeting of Theresa May’s cabinet on Tuesday.”

The cabinet was told that the heavily used Dover-Calais route could quickly become blocked by new customs controls on the French side, forcing Britain to seek alternative ways of bringing in “critical supplies”. …

May’s de facto deputy, David Lidington, told the cabinet that under a no-deal Brexit, the Dover-Calais route would be significantly crippled – running at just 12-25% of normal capacity for up to six months.

“Whatever we do at our end, the French could cause chaos if they carry out checks at their end,” said one UK official. “Dover-Calais would be the obvious pinch point. The French would say they were only applying the rules.” …

Around 30% of all the food in the UK is imported.

Ah the French, always there when they need you. Only not this time.

Would the French really be so unfriendly to the British as to deny them food and medicine? Even if they did, the technology to bypass the French and get the food and medicine from elsewhere is easily available, just a bit costlier.

If that is the price for independence, for not being ruled by Brussels bureaucrats with their crazy immigration rules and socialist economic policies, then so be it.