Democrats’ Caravan Of Political Cowardice

Democrats’ Caravan Of Political Cowardice, by Rod Dreher.

David Leonhardt of the NYT is frustrated with [the Democrats]:

For the most part, Democrats have tried to avoid the issue. Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, the Democratic leaders in Congress, have essentially urged their colleagues to ignore it. …

This strikes me as wishful thinking. The caravan is a huge story. It led the NBC Nightly News broadcast yesterday, to take one example. Politicians in the final two weeks of a campaign can’t persuade people to ignore a huge story. …

The problem with ignoring the issue is that it … makes Democrats sound squishy and insecure on immigration. It makes it sound as if Democrats aren’t really sure whether they believe that this country should have immigration laws.

Well, do they? Look, of course Trump is demagoguing, but he’s not wrong about how soft the Democrats are on this fundamental issue.

Similarly, it took the Senate Democrats and their media allies savaging Brett Kavanaugh to wake up Republicans and independent conservatives to the reality that the Democratic Party is so sold out to identity politics that it would eagerly trash due process if the accused is a white male. The Republicans did not make the Democrats do that, any more than they’re making the Democrats whiff on the caravan.

That’s who the Democrats are in 2018. They cannot or will not take a strong stand on what ought to be a fairly easy issue: that America has the right to control its borders.

Australian PM John Howard got it right in 2001 when Australia faced a seaborne flotilla of would-be immigrants:

“But we will decide who comes to this country and the circumstances in which they come.” Strong applause.

hat-tip Stephen Neil