ABC destroys Sharma, moves on Abbott

ABC destroys Sharma, moves on Abbott, by Andrew Bolt.

[Dave Sharma’s] campaign to win Wentworth, the seat abandoned by former PM Malcolm Turnbull, was already sick when the ABC killed it completely last week.

It ran a report on high rotation on TV and radio that independent Kerryn Phelps was the victim of a mass-sent email claiming she had HIV and voters should back Sharma, instead.

That not only made Phelps the hero victim, but implied Sharma was responsible — and evil. In fact, most of the email was a subtle smear of Sharma, the son of Indian immigrants, claiming “people belong (sic) to Hindu background running the country is better than those white local child molesters” and Sharma would “open its doors to Indian migrants”. The ABC didn’t mention that. Sharma was sunk.

None of the other mainstream media even reported it, because it looked so obviously like a false flag smear intended to hurt Sharma and help Phelps.