Breitbart Strikes Back against Leftwing Activist Group ‘Sleeping Giants’

Breitbart Strikes Back against Leftwing Activist Group ‘Sleeping Giants’.

Breitbart News sent the following letter to the progressive political activist organization Sleeping Giants, and founder Matt Rivitz. …

Excerpts from the lawyer’s letter:

Breitbart has been the target of a months-long smear campaign by the online activist group “Sleeping Giants.” It has recently been revealed that you are a founder and leader of this group. My client is considering potential legal action against you, and we therefore demand that you preserve and retain certain documents in your possession that may be relevant to potential civil claims. …

These include potential claims concerning unfair, fraudulent, and deceptive practices intended to cause Breitbart economic harm. We believe that Sleeping Giants has sought to deceive the public and, in particular, purchasers of online advertising, by making false, deceptive, and disparaging claims about Breitbart and the news content it publishes — including, among other things, accusing Breitbart of distributing “anti-Semitic” propaganda, of promoting “white supremacy,” and of being a “neo-Nazi propaganda” website.

Sleeping Giants has directed these and similar deceptive and misleading statements to companies that purportedly purchase advertisements appearing on Breitbart’s website — and has encouraged its members and others to do the same — in an effort to drive advertising revenue away from Breitbart, and to solicit donations and sell Sleeping Giants’ branded merchandise.

As you well know, Breitbart News is none of those things. It is the 48th most trafficked website in the United States (according to Amazon-owned Alexa), the 3rd most trafficked news site, and the 15th highest engagement Facebook publisher in the World (according to NewsWhip). According to NPR, it is read every morning by the White house Chief of Staff. It is, in short, an influential, conservative-leaning news outlet that is read by millions of Americans every day.

But Sleeping Giants’ campaign has never truly been about purported anti-Semitism or neo-Nazism, which Breitbart has always and will always continue to condemn; rather, it is about Sleeping Giants’ desire to stifle speech that does not adhere to its narrow liberal politics.

The oft-repeated accusation that Breitbart is “anti-Semitic” is particularly revealing and farcical, given that Breitbart is a demonstrably and staunchly pro-Israel website that was founded by two Jewish men.

Moreover, according to a 2017 New York Times Magazine piece, Breitbart’s masthead is notably diverse and international, and Breitbart has a strong record of promoting women and minorities — including its lead defense correspondent, the national security editor and the copy chief, all of whom are women of color, as well as the editor of its entertainment coverage, who is an African American man.

This might get interesting. Lefties being called out on their lies, legally?

The Sleeping Giants personnel have been hiding behind anonymity, but now are outed. They’ve obviously lied in a manner calculated to cause economic harm to Breitbart, and are going to be sued. I wonder what a lefty judge would do?

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