Divided Democrats struggle to answer Trump’s claims on migrant caravan

Divided Democrats struggle to answer Trump’s claims on migrant caravan, by Sean Sullivan.

Democrats are struggling to respond to President Donald Trump and his Republican allies, who are casting the caravan of thousands of migrants headed toward the U.S.-Mexico border as a failure of Democrats to help enact immigration policy in the GOP-controlled Congress.

Some Democrats said Trump is vulnerable to a counterattack on his core campaign issue given that his policies failed to reduce the number of unauthorized immigrants. Yet party leaders and Democratic candidates have largely been silent ahead of the midterm elections, refusing to engage with Trump. …

The left is silent because they have done enough focus-groups to realize that their policy of — and their electoral need for — open borders to the third world is electoral rat poison. Cries of “racist” to quell dissent won’t cut it any more, now that Trump is on the job. They could get away with encouraging mass immigration from the third world while it was abstract and unseen, but this is not acceptable to most US citizens:

Just too obvious.

“Democratic opposition to strong immigration security has been a very effective issue for us in Senate races this year,” said Steven Law, head of the Senate Leadership Fund, a conservative super PAC. “I don’t see how the spectacle of a massive horde trying to bust our borders on the brink of a national election remotely helps Democrats.”

Law’s group has recently run ads casting Democratic incumbents in states Trump won as soft on immigration, a tactic GOP candidates have also deployed. Echoing Trump, the Republican in the pivotal Tennessee Senate race issued a statement Monday on the “illegal alien mob” headed to the border. …

White House aides have emphasized that they believe Trump’s hard-line immigration message, while potent with his conservative base, also carries significant crossover appeal to independents and some moderate Democrats.

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