Scotland: Jewish lawyer sent to diversity training after row with BDS activist

Scotland: Jewish lawyer sent to diversity training after row with BDS activist. By Michael Bachner.

A Jewish pro-Israel Scottish lawyer has been ordered by the country’s Law Society to undergo “diversity training” and pay a fine over an online spat with pro-Palestinian campaigners in which he used strong language against an activist.

Matthew Berlow, a criminal solicitor based in Glasgow, told The Herald that according to the ruling he will have to pay a fine of £1,750 as well as an additional £100 to University of Aberdeen lecturer and pro-Palestinian campaigner Dr. Karolin Hijazi, for calling her a “snowflake” and a “wannabe justice warrior.” …

After the Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign posted about its demonstration, Berlow called the activists “scummy racists” in a Facebook post, adding: “You simply found a soft Jewish target to aim your bile at.”

Hijazi, who says she is of Palestinian origin, and who was detained in Israel in 2012 and deported, had participated in the protest and was featured in photos from the event. She complained about Berlow’s post to the Scottish Legal Complaints Commission, which referred the matter to the Law Society of Scotland, according to The Herald.

Berlow responded to the complaint by insulting Hijazi, who lectures on dentistry, saying that if she was offended by his post she should “perhaps switch off her computer, avoid heated political debate and perhaps stick to pulling teeth or have a cup of tea or something.”

So much for freedom of speech. Only for the politically correct, apparently.