When Warren Woke Up to A World Without Her

When Warren Woke Up to A World Without Her, by Tom Luongo.

She’s accumulating nicknames now at a rate that is faster than black men are leaving the Democrats.



Last of the Fauxhicans



After being thoroughly rebuked by the Cherokee Nation for using her DNA results (which, by the way, make her more Aryan than Hitler) for cheap political purposes, Warren continues to debase herself stridently rallying her supporters to force Trump to pay up on his ‘bet’ with her that she is significantly Native American.

She went from possibly being of Cherokee origin to being the founding member of the Slapaho tribe. …

This is the beginning of the Me Sioux Movement …

She’s an Affirmative Action Welfare Queen, using a family anecdote about her mom’s black hair to help her get a job at Harvard.


My two personal favorites are: “Chief Running Joke” and “Chief Spreading Bull”. Some know her as “Lying White Feather”…

hat-tip Stephen Neil, Scott of the Pacific