Creating A-Plus Conformists

Creating A-Plus Conformists, by Alice at Rod Dreher’s.

Our US students have been taught since at least grade 6, but mostly since school began, that there are only certain acceptable ideas, and genuflecting to those ideas is what makes you the Top Student, the Front Row kid, the one who checks all the boxes to get into Brown or Oberlin or Yale. …

Just as there’s a correct answer to a calculus question, there’s a correct answer to questions such as why one country is more successful than another, why there are measurable differences in incarceration rates by race (even as there’s also a contradictory answer to the question of what is a race), what a nation owes non-citizens vs. citizens, how much training can alter […], are sex differences on average innate, are there two sexes, etc.

Meanwhile, if you hear something unacceptable, you’ve also been equipped with the trump card to demolish the argument: arguer is racist, sexist, bigot.

hat-tip Stephen Neil