Australian Liberals Destroyed. Split Next?

Australian Liberals Destroyed. Split Next? By Andrew Bolt.

The Liberals were destroyed in the Wentworth by-election, suffering their worst swing ever. …

The choice now: cultural surrender to the left, or fight for principles?

The Liberals must either put the pursuit of power above all and agree to surrender, and present themselves as more capable managers of a Labor agenda (global warming, the new tribalism, identity politics).

Or they must put the pursuit of ideals above all and agree to fight, presenting a counter to the Left’s crusade. But that requires people who, like the Greens, would rather lose than sell out, and who know that winning will take many years of passionate commitment and campaigning. …

Maybe they need some new personnel, who haven’t been trained and seduced in the ways of PC:

Many Liberal MPs are not fit for this task. Many lack fundamental convictions, starting with the Prime Minister himself. They are born compromisers or whateverists in an age where voters respect convictions. Others are closer to Labor. They have no heart for arguing against, say, the great warming scare.

But even the conservative Liberals face tough questions. Most know how to demand, but not how to persuade. They are against more than they are for. They are more pessimists than optimists. Some are more reactionary than conservative. …

The future belongs to those who will fight the left:

A new conservative/libertarian Liberal agenda is needed, and people with the smarts and the heart to persuade voters of it.

That is the work of a generation or two, and work for MPs of a new generation – Andrew Hastie, James Paterson, Amanda Stoker, Nicole Flint, Tim Wilson and the like.

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