A ragged, growing army of migrants resumes march toward US

A ragged, growing army of migrants resumes march toward US, by Mark Stevenson.

A ragged army of [about 5,000] Honduran migrants streamed through southern Mexico on Sunday heading toward the United States, after making an end-run around Mexican agents who briefly blocked them at the Guatemalan border.

They received help at every turn from sympathetic Mexicans who offered food, water and clothing. Hundreds of locals driving pickups, vans and cargo trucks stopped to let them clamber aboard. …

Left voters stream towards the US

U.S. President Donald Trump again hammered Democratic Party opponents over what he apparently sees as a winning issue for Republicans a little over two weeks ahead of midterm elections.

After blaming the Democrats for “weak laws” on immigration a few days earlier, Trump said via Twitter: “The Caravans are a disgrace to the Democrat party. Change the immigration laws NOW!” …

Trump also repeated: “I will seal off the border before (the migrants) come into this country, and I’ll bring out our military, not our reserves.” …

An example:

Migrants marching north Sunday said they gave up on Mexico because the application process was too slow, and most wanted to continue to the United States anyway.

“We’re warriors, we got to get to the place we got to get to. We’re gonna keep on going and we’re not gonna stop,” Luis Puerto, 39, of Colon, Honduras, said in English.

For Puerto, that place is North Carolina, where he has a wife and two daughters. He said he was recently deported from the United States after a brush with the law that he did not specify.

“We are going to get to the border of the U.S.,” he said. “I am not going to stop. I don’t care if I die.”

Tucker: Past experience is that once a caravan reaches the US, the people are usually home free to stay in the US. A caravan arrives every few days.

Why is this happening? Because an entire political party is inviting it and encouraging it. They believe unchecked immigration will strengthen their hold on power. They’re perfectly aware that you don’t like this, but they don’t care. …

The Democratic Party and their lackeys in the media don’t want to have that debate, because they know they would lose. So instead they try to bully the population into silence.

So the Democrats are claiming that borders are as bad as slavery. Yep, really. They say that the US has no right to say who comes to live within its borders. This is raw globalism. Will the historic nation of mainly white or European Americans and Western culture succumb or resist? World history awaits the outcome…

If the US falls, so will Australia.