Trump smashes regs, cuts $33 billion vs. $245 billion added by Obama

Trump smashes regs, cuts $33 billion vs. $245 billion added by Obama, by Paul Bedard.

President Trump’s promise to cut Obama-era regulations has gone into overdrive, with the slashing generating $33 billion in savings, far more than expected.

A new report from the White House budget office said that $23 billion in savings has occurred this year alone, with the total at $33 billion since the president took office.

Over his first 21 months in office, former President Obama imposed $245 billion in new regulations.

What’s more, Trump’s promise to cut two Obama-era regulations for every new one has been pushed aside for far deeper cuts. The Office of Management and Budget reported that in the last fiscal year the administration cut 12 regulations for every new one it proposed.

That’s significant. $33 billion is a hundred dollars for each person in the US; Obama’s $245 billion is about $750 per person.

The left wants a much bigger administrative state overseeing and restraining the private sector (aka economic fascism). The right want a vastly smaller administrative state and a return to government that governs via laws passed by democratically elected representatives rather than by regulations effectively cooked up by unelected bureaucrats. Two quite different visions of society.