Barbarians At The Banquet

Barbarians At The Banquet, by an anonymous reader at Rod Dreher’s.

I was in a long-established, semi-scholarly fraternal organization at an elite American university. …

The paper given recently was from an old, venerable alumnus, and concerned some finer points of art history. My friend reported with horror that EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THE QUESTIONS from the undergraduate men and women was on the order of “Isn’t x imperialist?” or “Isn’t y racist?” That was literally ALL the undergrads cared about, and ALL they knew to ask.

My friend, who has been attending these shindigs for many years, was horrified as much by 1) their profound ignorance of history, as 2) their outright hostility to innocuous art-historical minutiae, and 3) the extent to which they are utterly inured to simple logic / rationality. Everything — but EVERYTHING — is political for them. My friend said, further, that it was interesting to watch the dynamic between the undergraduates on one side, and the older scholars on the other. They don’t even speak the same language. The older scholars just don’t know what the kids are talking about, said my friend, and vice versa.

As Jordan Peterson has observed, the balance has been tipped in higher education. Its not just useless anymore, but its now actually doing harm. Not many normal people will be willing to accept that reality — i.e. that their children (and our culture) will be better served by their NOT going to (most) colleges and universities.

The newly university-educated are increasingly barbarians who will not learn from the past. They want to rebuild everything from scratch in their own political image. Talk about trashing civilization.

Dark ages here we come…

hat-tip Stephen Neil