What’s wrong with “It’s ok to be white”?

What’s wrong with “It’s ok to be white”? By Dave Pellowe.

Pauline Hanson has once again caused remarkable controversy by saying something entirely unremarkable.

“It’s okay to be white.”

Apparently, this is highly controversial because an idiot said it once upon a time. That’s it. It’s not factually incorrect. There is nothing inherently intolerant, violent, hateful or inaccurate about it. Of course, if the outrageous motion put by the Senator to our Commonwealth Parliament was repeated in Cape Town, you can be sure Cyril Ramaphosa would be frothing at the mouth nearly as much as Penny Wong is now.

According to Wong, “everyone” knows the phrase is used by white supremacists. I believe white supremacists also say ‘good morning’, ‘would you like fries with that’, and ‘God bless America’. Does Senator Wong expect us to believe that people that say, ‘it’s okay to be white’ or ‘good morning’ are secretly white supremacists too? …

So ask Wong: is it not ok to be white? It’s either ok or it’s not, so which is it?

The entire English language is being hijacked by cultural Marxists who refuse to allow anything to mean what it’s always meant anymore. ‘Reproductive rights’ and ‘health care’ now means killing your baby, instead of creating life and prenatal vitamins. ‘Phobia’ means ideological disagreement, instead of a pathological mental disorder requiring therapy. ‘Marriage’ means sexual attraction requiring government validation, instead of the timeless institution essential for the foundation of a family and the future of a society.

‘Equality’ means forcible oppression of any individuality or advantage gained by hard work or personal responsibility until everyone’s equally miserable, instead of the same opportunity. And instead of a natural pride in and priority of one’s nation, ‘nationalism’ now apparently means a deep-seated hatred and fear of others that will inevitably manifest in a violent and vengeful attack upon on a bewildered refugee.

This is cultural Marxism at its simplest and most vile. Attack and criticise everything traditional, normal, conventional, accepted and true.

Well done Allan Ashbolt

hat-tip Stephen Neil