We’re staying silent out of fear

We’re staying silent out of fear, by Charles Lane in the Washington Post.

A new study of political attitudes in the United States offers stunning evidence that most Americans censor themselves, except among people they regard as like-minded, on a bundle of sensitive topics: immigration and immigrants; race and racism; gay, lesbian and gender issues; and Islam and Muslims. …

68 percent report that “it is acceptable for me to express what I think” about race, or Islam, only among “people who are like me.” On immigration, 73 percent feel that way; on gay, lesbian and gender issues, the figure is 70 percent.

Oh how trendy!

Robert Spencer:

I wrote a whole book about this last year, Confessions of an Islamophobe. The fact that Americans fear speaking what they think about Islam more than about any other subject doesn’t surprise me at all — it’s the world I’ve lived in for the last twenty years, and why many people today think of me as some kind of degenerate, solely for reporting on the contents of the Qur’an and Sunnah, the progress of jihad in history, and the actions of jihadis today….

And now this phenomenon has been noted even in the Washington Post, one of the chief perpetrators of this insanity…

If this stigmatization continues, and there is no sign of its letting up, eventually everyone who speaks about against jihad terror will be destroyed, professionally or personally or both, and everyone else will be frightened into silence, and the jihad will advance unopposed and unimpeded.

Of course, you don’t believe that. Only “Islamophobes” think like that. But just sit back and watch it happen.

hat-tip Stephen Neil