Liberal Americans Hate America First Because They Hate Normal Americans

Liberal Americans Hate America First Because They Hate Normal Americans, by Kurt Schlicter.

Oh, how they hate Donald Trump’s America First agenda. Why shouldn’t they? They don’t really consider themselves “Americans,” not like Normal Americans do. We Normals think of our American citizenship as a badge of honor. They consider it something they have to apologize for to Canadian tourists they meet in Barcelona.

Our liberal elite sees themselves not as citizens of the United States of America but as something better, more enlightened, more moral — “citizens of the world.” But of course, that’s silly. There are no “citizens of the world” because there is no “world.” There is a collection of nation-states, tribes, sects, and other groups inhabiting this giant space rock, and you can be part of one or more of them, but there is no “world.” However, there is a trans-national globalist elite that shares the same stupid values, beliefs, and taboos, and that’s who our useless elite identifies with. Whether it’s some herring-gobbling Nord-dork in Oslo or some Marxist puppetry prof in Pomona or some gender-confused EU functionary in Brussels or some CNN geebo who gets huffy when peeps call mobs “mobs,” the trans-national global elitists share more in common with each other than with their own people. And it is to their fellow elitists, and not us, to whom they are loyal. …

They all buy into the notion that Third World foreigners who ignore the immigration laws we citizens passed have more right to be in our countries than we citizens do — and that we owe these intruders a living as well.

They all buy into the notion that free thought and free expression are wonderful concepts as long as people do not abuse them by disagreeing with the trans-national globalist elite.

They all agree that Israel is bad for not letting its people be butchered, that Normal people are racist, and that not just men have penises. And democracy? Well, they are all for it if the Normals vote correctly; if not, then bureaucrats should make the decisions. The key tenet is, of course, that the globalist elite should be firmly in control of people like you.

Except Normals worldwide are rejecting this creepy catechism of weird ideas. The rise of rebel parties in Europe, Brexit, and, of course, the victory of Donald Trump are a reaction to an elite that refuses to put the interests of the people of their own countries ahead of the interests of their trans-national globalist cocktail party pals. Have you seen how they come unglued when they see a MAGA hat? They don’t want America to be great again.

hat-tip Barry Corke