Former Facebook engineer who railed against liberal culture explains why he quit

Former Facebook engineer who railed against liberal culture explains why he quit, by Samuel Chamberlain.

[Former senior Facebook engineer] Brian Amerige, whose last day at Facebook was Friday, told Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight” that “you can’t have conversations about … anything that’s a tenet of the social justice ideology, effectively, without being attacked personally.” He added that the company’s recent policy cracking down on so-called hate speech was a particularly sensitive topic.

“You can’t even have conversations about that policy inside the company without having your character attacked — and I’ve experienced this personally — without being called a sexist or a racist or a transphobe or an Islamophobe,” said Amerige. …

I used to be a high-tech engineer working in Silicon Valley. Don’t think I would have lasted at Facebook. There’s only so much pretending a soul can abide.

On Tuesday, Amerige said that Facebook executives had taken his concerns seriously and had worked with him to improve the hate speech policy. However, he said rank-and-file, left-leaning employees did not share his concerns.

“The real concerning thing that’s happening here is that even though this is a minority of employees in the company, unfortunately, I’m not sure that Facebook leadership knows how to push back against them,” Amerige said. “They’re unbelievably belligerent, demanding and hostile not just toward other employees, but toward Facebook leadership directly.”

Sounds like an organization that’s suffered the left’s long march through the institutions. Sounds a bit like Australia’s ABC, which also experienced an effective staff takeover, in the Whitlam era:

When left leaning ideologues are hired by an institution, they hire other left leaning ideologues. Once they are in control, the institution is captured by the left, in perpetuity. So it is irredeemable. It must be deleted. If the institution is actually necessary for society, it must be completely rebuilt.