Establishment Media Reverse Course to Blast Elizabeth Warren over DNA Fiasco

Establishment Media Reverse Course to Blast Elizabeth Warren over DNA Fiasco, by John Nolte.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s (D-MA) roll-out of her DNA test has been such a train wreck that even the establishment media have been forced to reverse course and admit to it.

As hard as the media worked to cover and lie for her for over those first 24 hours, the unassailable facts have forced them to throw in the towel. The science is settled: Elizabeth Warren is a fake Indian. …

Keep in mind that part of Team Warren’s careful planning involved alerting the media beforehand. This allowed every establishment media outlet to coordinate and execute a plan that would spin this into vindication and a big victory for Warren over Trump. …

Here is my favorite flip-flop…

The far-left Daily Beast on Monday: “BREAKING: Elizabeth Warren releases her DNA test: Yes, she is Native American”

The far-left Daily Beast on Wednesday: “Elizabeth Warren’s DNA Stunt Alienates Native Americans” ..

Let me tell you the mistake Warren made. Oh, yes, she made quite a few, but here is the Big One –the only one that mattered…

Warren believes she still lives in a world where the establishment media can set the narrative. There is no other explanation for this fiasco. She actually thought that if she lined up the dinosaurs — the Boston Globe, CNN, the New York Times, the Washington Post and the rest — that she could magically get away with passing her junk science off as proof she is not a godless liar.

Ten years ago, she probably would have gotten away with it.

Today? No way.

The Internet is upending the monopoly of the mainstream media on distributing high quality news. Something like this has happened before. 500 years ago the printing press destroyed the church’s monopoly on distributing high quality information from the pulpit. The Reformation and the Enlightenment followed, and the political power of the (corrupt) church nosedived. Parallels abound.

hat-tip Barry Corke, Tip of the Spear