Bannonism: The Revolt of the Little Guy

Bannonism: The Revolt of the Little Guy. Long chat, but interesting. Highly recommended if you have the time, to get you right up to speed on where modern politics is heading.

Steve Bannon, Ex-Trump chief strategist, lays out what’s behind Brexit and Trump’s populist revolts, Kavanaugh, #MeToo, #TimesUp and more.

Left wing populism wants more state; right wing populism wants less state in our lives. The left wants administrative control of capitalism by an administrative state (i.e. fascism). The right wants to deconstruct the administrative state and a return to a smaller but democratic government.

Millennials cannot own anything, utterly screwed by the globalists. 18th century Russian serfs. Oh boy. From about 18 minutes. If you’re not in the room you’re on the menu.