BBC staff told to use non-binary pronouns

BBC staff told to use non-binary pronouns, by Matthew Moore.

BBC staff have been told to use non- binary pronouns when addressing gender-fluid or transgender employees to ensure that the corporation does not develop a “heteronormative culture”.

The policy means that BBC workers will be encouraged to refer to non-binary colleagues as “they” or “them”, rather than “he” or “she”. …

In addition heterosexual BBC staff will be asked to wear badges identifying themselves as “straight allies” to help their LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) colleagues.

Ahh. If you don’t wear a badge then you are outed as not sufficiently PC. Repercussions will follow.

It’s obvious and it’s being going on for decades, but it’s nice to see it admitted: our view of reality is being guided and manufactured by progressive program managers (and by Hollywood). For example:

The corporation’s television, radio and news teams are also being told to increase the “incidental portrayal of LGBT identities” in their programmes.

Rod Dreher:

BBC staff are asked to identify publicly as LGBT “allies.” What if you don’t want to do that, for religious reasons, or any other reason? Everyone in the workplace will know that you do not wish to be seen as an “ally.” Even if you treat your LGBT colleagues with total fairness and respect, that will not matter. Suddenly LGBT people and their “allies” will look upon you with suspicion. If you’re not an ally, what are you, an enemy? Stands to reason.

At some point, when it comes time for promotion, you will be asked to explain why you have not declared yourself an “ally” — and if you think this won’t hurt your chances of advancing in your career, you’re a fool.

The BBC has ingeniously designed a policy that, on its surface, is meant to help, but which serves to out those within the organization who aren’t 100 percent on board with the party line. The absence of badges will play the same role as a yellow star on Jews in anti-Semitic Europe: setting apart those within the group that it is okay to despise, because they are tainted with a quality hated by the majority.

You must join the PC/communist/Nazi/Sharia party to get ahead in your respective totalitarian society.

hat-tip Stephen Neil