Elizabeth Warren Just Destroyed Identity Politics Forever

Elizabeth Warren Just Destroyed Identity Politics Forever, by Matt Walsh.

If the Left embraces Warren as Native American based on a potential Indian or partially Indian or at least Mexican ancestor who lived two or three centuries ago, then they have also embraced the end of identity politics. The whole point of leftist identity politics is to divide the country into two groups: persecuted minorities on one side and evil white folk on the other. Those in the Persecuted Group can cash in their persecution for personal advancement, political gain, sympathy, or whatever other advantage. Those in the Persecutor Group must suffer correlated losses in order to even everything out.

But if a person can escape the Persecutor Group and set up camp among the Persecuted simply by insisting that there was probably a minority in her family tree somewhere along the line, then the Persecutor camp will soon be empty. Almost every white person has some non-white DNA.

via Tip of the Spear