Christian Porter blames staffer over backing for Pauline Hanson motion

Christian Porter blames staffer over backing for Pauline Hanson motion, by Greg Brown.

Finance Minister Mathias Cormann has asked the Senate to recommit Pauline Hanson’s “it’s OK to be white” motion, saying the Coalition’s earlier position to oppose it should have been maintained.

Labor’s Senate leader Penny Wong attacked the move as a “pathetic attempt at a clean up”.

Senator Wong said the government was trying to walk away from the “appalling” motion not because it was “wrong” but because it was trying to save the blue ribbon seat of Wentworth at Saturday’s by-election.

She said “everyone” knew the phrase was used by white supremacists and that people did not “believe” the government has simply made a “mistake”.

I wonder what Penny Wong thinks of the Black Lives Matter movement? Are they a black supremacist movement?

Or do lefties only accuse whites of being “supremacists” when they show any racial identity or awareness? If so, how does the left justify its racial discrimination?

“One Nation is the only party promoting racial tolerance and support for the great achievements of Western civilisation,” Senator Hanson in a statement.

“As I stated on the floor of the Senate, I have always believed it’s okay to be black, white or brindle.”

What ABC journalist is going to ask Penny Wong if she thinks it is ok to be white? Or not ok?

Hanson has exposed the Liberal Party on this. Of course it’s ok to be white, but many of the Liberals are too afraid of PC to say so.