The suicidal instincts of Australia’s political class

The suicidal instincts of Australia’s political class, by Alison Bevege.

Meteorology professor Richard Lindzen said the more alarmist climate claims were false and that there had been no significant warming for 20 years. …

Professor Lindzen said Australia’s political class had gone completely bonkers in their response to climate change alarmism and hadn’t taken the time to actually read and understand the science.

‘I can’t imagine what suicidal instincts reside in Australia’s political class.’ …

Professor Richard Lindzen slammed conventional global warming thinking warming as ‘nonsense’ in a lecture for the Global Warming Policy Foundation on Tuesday.

‘An implausible conjecture backed by false evidence and repeated incessantly … is used to promote the overturn of industrial civilization,’ he said in London.

‘What we will be leaving our grandchildren is … a landscape degraded by rusting wind farms and decaying solar panel arrays.’