Why I support the Australian Liberal Party

Why I support the Australian Liberal Party, by Fred Pawle.

Like sanctimonious social justice warriors wilting under the heat of robust debate, the main foundations of Australian politics are proving to be less resilient than they once seemed. In most cases, this is because their leading protagonists have, for whatever reason, abandoned the original cause that attracted them in the first place.

Green politicians, once exemplars of frugal, independent, environmentally friendly living, now flit from one five-star international conference to another, leaving a trail of aviation fumes, glossy conference papers and authoritarian multilateral agreements in their wake.

Labor, which for generations represented working people, is now the party for superannuation-fund executives, ABC celebrities, republican elites and renewable-energy rent-seekers.

And feminism has morphed from its original purpose of providing equal opportunities for all women to mostly being highly qualified man-haters preoccupied with muscling into powerful jobs.